Strength Conditioning

A class designed to build strength, power and change your body composition. The class is designed to increase strength of the entire body, facilitate muscle definition, increase fitness and conditioning level, improve posture and functional strength.

TRX and KB Combo

Double the effort, double the fun! Research shows that suspension training is one of the MOST effective tools for stimulating and conditioning the core. Why not combine it with kettlebells for an utmost fitness experience.

Metabolic Conditioning

This 40-minute calorie-blasting workout sets your metabolism to overdrive mode, so you will burn calories during and after training. Test your strength and stamina and challenge your body to reach a whole new level.

Kettlebell Endurance

One of the best tools in fitness for improving power endurance are the kettlebells. This is a full body training designed to effectively strengthen all muscle groups during this 50 minute class. Get ready to snatch, clean and jerk this metal while having fun and burning fat in the process.

Plyometric Circuit

Why do athletes have all the fun? Workout like one and be at your athletic best. Designed to make you jump higher, run faster and throw further, this class will work on improving your explosive power and strength while engaging the core.