More Information about our Packages


This unique PEAK service will provide you with unlimited attention during the training session, maximising the results and making you feel challenged but comfortable.

Before the initial training begins, our highly qualified Personal Trainer will complete a comprehensive health appraisal, encompassing past exercise history, Bio-mechanical assessment which measures blood pressure, fat analysis, muscle mass and other vital readings. Medical background and previous injuries will also be investigated.

We will then discuss and establish your health and fitness goals. Your aspirations, limitations, time constraints and lifestyle will also be discussed.
After the consultation the Personal Trainer will devise an unique and individual program tailored to your needs and aspirations. You will be provided with a copy of the program along with additional exercises you could do during the week.

The 1-to-1 service also provides you with a comprehensive nutritional assessment, accompanied by nutritional recommendations, to which would be regularly updated depending on your needs and wants.

Cancellation policy 24 hours before the Training.

Group Personal Training (2 clients)

This service offers the same benefits as 1-to-1 Personal Training, but your friend or family member can also train together. This is an ideal situation if you would like group support and to share the experience with someone else.

Group Personal Training (3 clients)

Group Personal Training involves a maximum of 3 people training at any one time.