How to stay motivated during Ramadan

How to stay motivated during Ramadan

Use these tips to help you stay on track during the Ramadan period.

– Start with sitting down and thinking about what you want to achieve – be specific about it. Don’t think ‘I want to lose weight’, but instead be more precise, how much do you want to lose? When do you want to lose it by? Set small achievable goals every month. If you need to you can put small rewards into place; perhaps that new gym top you have your eye on, a homemade pizza or similar treat or a new DVD.

– Think about how you will feel once you have achieved your goal. How will you feel when you cross the finish line of a 5k race? When you hit your goal weight? Who do you see? What emotions do you have? Then every time things get hard, think of these emotions, think how proud your family and friends will be. Attach these emotions to your goals.

– Be accountable, take monthly measurements during Ramadan and progress pictures alongside weighing yourself not the scale. Scales can be inaccurate so it helps to  have other ways to monitor your progress.

– Use social media, considering announcing your goal or posting updates of your journey on Facebook or Twitter. When you tell people what you’re doing it makes you more likely to do it.

– Find something you like, it’s no good going to a spinning class if you hate riding a bike. Try different workouts or classes ( at PEAK we offer a great variety!), find something you enjoy and there will be a greater likelihood of you sticking with it. Cardio doesn’t have to be running, think outside the box: it could be kickboxing, skipping, PEAK 30 class or horse riding to name but a few.

– Get organised and plan. What class will you do in the gym? What exercises will you do? On the weekend plan what you are going to cook, write a weekly menu and a shopping list. Involve the family, get their thoughts and ideas, make it a family event. Take your shopping list to the supermarket and you won’t forget your items and fall prey to the confectionary isle. Buy a new diary and write in your workouts and plans. Be sure to prioritise your exercise time. After a few weeks, you will get into a routine and exercising will no longer feel like a chore. Make sure you have your workout gear ready, in the car or at the end of your bed ready in the morning.

Put the work in now and soon your Ramadan resolutions will become reality.